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These are the Dayz of Master D

Episode 2

Scene 1
Camera; over the steering wheel into the eyes of a wild man..

Takyourmeds, knuckles gripping tightly to the steering wheel of his speeder is out for a final act of revenge. A humble parade around Rep fleet will become his vehicle for violence

"Ill show them, Ill show them all.... muhahaha"

Scene 2
Camera; From above, like watching through a Mirrored ceiling...

Evil Nemm lies naked in the arms of Ward, stroking his hairy chest, she looks dreamily into the camera

"Is it truly bad if he is my brothers clone?"


Scene 3
Camera; A body slumped over the wheel of a speeder, blue lights flashing, empty bottles of Midori cruisers litter the floor...
A Blue hand reaches over to lift the bruised head gently from the dashboard..

Takyourmeds parade never happens but the drunken hit and run ends in tragedy with a low speed impact into a GTN terminal....

Scene 4
Camera; From above, like a watching mating seals on the discovery channel

Ward, helmet still on holds Evil Nemm to his hairy chest, stroking her hair gently.

"You will always be more to me than my brothers sister, Love.."

Scene 5
Camera; A mans face being held gently in the lap of a Bikini clad and very sexy blue lady, waves and seagulls can be heard in the background.

Taken to a tropical island to recuperate Takyourmeds finds himself by loosing himself... in the arms of Coral...

"You will be strong again, and when you are the inheritance will be ours...."

Tune in next week for another excting and twisted episode of the world famous GUILD DRAMA

Dayz of Master D

Where we will answer these thrilling questions..

Will HairyQueen prosper with Meds on board?
>Median< statistically the best guild on the server, will they find the common denominator of their past successes?
The EFFETTE do they have the balls to get better and really challenge >Median< ?
WET DREAM TEAM, will its reformation dribble out to another premature ending?


Disclaimer: All characters are entirley fictional and any resemblance to real characters is co-incidental and soley for the purposes of good humour.
Bribes accepted to nominate people into the plot
Lol, loving your creativity! You, my friend, have a vivid imagination and the play on guild names is just lol

At least someone can come up with some light-hearted humour in all the toxic drama. Keep it up and I look forward to the next episode!
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