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That duel is going to be the end of Maul or Savage. It will most likely be Maul because there is no way Sidious is going to let an angry former apprentice run around disrupting his plans.

In all likelyhood it will be both of them that get killed because only a few people have survived a duel with Sidious. We are talking about the guy that beat Luke Skywalker in a duel.
Yes I think Sidious will kill them both - he can't afford to leave these loose ends....
Maul is one of the few people who know who he (Palpatine) really is (and by extension he may assume Savage now does too)
He can't take any chances that they may reveal this knowledge to anyone else - especially if the Jedi somehow get to hear about this down the line....
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Tulak Hord is only an unknown because he killed anyone that has ever seen him fight.