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09.30.2012 , 05:06 PM | #49
This change was unnanounced, meaning that it is either a mistake (bug) or a "feature" that they simply didn't think to mention.

If the former... we're really getting tired of the bugs, to the point where people in my guild are starting to seriously reconsider their move to SWTOR.

If the latter, then I'm seriously concerned about the design direction being taken by Bioware. My guild is a casual 8 man guild that's managed to down Kephess HM a few times, mainly because we have some very strong players who make up for the otherwise casual playstyle. Those strong players cannot make up for the amount of interrupts and dps required to down the three bots before they become invincible. Three of our dps are mercenaries, some of whom have not had to interrupt anything in an operation/raid setting in over a year (or ever). So, there's definitely a bit of a shock factor to overcome.

Even with two players with a 12 second interrupt we're guaranteed to miss every 3rd interrupt because of how often the droids are casting the buff. On top of that, the cast timer was reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second, which means that even the slightest big of lag guarantees a missed interrupt. The sheer amount of interrupts required is actually beyond what a best case scenario 8 man operation can succesfully interrupt. For those ops teams who are heavy loaded with 12 second interrupts, like us, it becomes nigh on impossible. Especially when so much of our dps relies on uninterrupted casting, rather than instant attacks. We should not be forced to replace classes because they have a long interrupt cooldown.

To completely change the difficulty of a fight in this manner makes no sense to me. HM Kephess was already sufficiently difficult for ops teams that haven't been farming the content for ages. Our own guild would've had HM Kephess on farm a while ago were it not for a rash of players from our guild leaving the game. Even so, we wouldn't have seen any reason to increase the difficulty of HM Kephiss, when there will still be NiM EC and HM TFB to pose a challenge to ops teams seeking one.

As much as I hope that this was all just a bug, that almost scares me just as much. Either way, please change it back. I'm honestly shocked that this made it live with 1.4.