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Ive rolled around with an idea for a senate class and while i haven't figured out the play style i have come up with possibility a good starting point story wise.

i had it start where your the son or daughter of the senator of whatever planet your from and you have been sent to ord mantell for a peace talks between the pro republic and separatist forces.

you arrive with your farther and his bodyguard who is your first companion while the talk get under way a dude comes up saying that once of the representatives is under attack and need help with only you there you go and help, however it turns out to be a ruse as once you and a few troops are gone the delegates including your farther are killed.

so you go through ord mantell looking for his killer and at the same time trying to patch things over between the two factions, at the end you discover the killer is a imperial agent and has fled to courcant.

so you go there report to the senate who during this time make you a representative for your planet.

the story goes on like padme and lieas, sure your a senator but in these times of war most senators are combat trained and go out and help people.