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09.30.2012 , 04:33 PM | #47
Yeah my group hit this tonight. To us this appeared to be a bug, and a pain of one too. We opted to not bang our heads on it this evening, to see what BW says about it.

As others have said, given the varied interrupt times of classes you need 3 people on each bot. Which for 8man is impossible.

I have no doubts we can beat it, as can any other group that has mastered the encounter before. But, this does make it harder, and does create a fair amount of discrepancy between group composition effecting the ability to complete the encounter.

It also means your DPS all have be on their A game and pump out 1400dps, and interrupt, and stay alive on the first bot with light heals.

If this is intentional, and indicative of future paths, the Devs are weeding down the the player base who will be able to complete Hard Modes. Which would be counter to what has been stated in the past.

Really Really need a BW post here.