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Week of 9/21/12

Affection - It's more than just a game mechanic. How do your characters show it, whether to their lover or their family or to their friends? Does it always have the intended effect, or do things get lost in translation?

NOTE: I know this is uber late, but... uh, here ya go! *dashes off*



(Featuring my Jedi Consular, Iyani Zarru- Zabrak- and Qyzen Fess)


Author's Note: I just started rolling a Sage after a friend of mine finally got the game and rolled a Sentinel. I love my Sage, and for some reason I just thought it would be amusing for a Trandoshan to show his affections the way Qyzen does.

Disclaimer: I am not an authority on Trandoshan behaviors, so take the story with a grain of salt!
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