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While I don't resell in any way in this game, my opinion is it's a viable playstyle to be a trader. (Instead I take pride in my high quality ship and droid equipment and well, it happens, people suggest I overprice, usually if they want me to cut them a deal. )

Sorry to disagree with you here. I also think, "blacklisting" anyone or suggesting trading on the market makes a person greedy of sorts isn't exactly a good thing for the atmosphere on our server either.

I did trade in other games, and it's actually quite fun and also time intensive as you have to check the market regularily and spend a lot of time updating your postings on the market.

It's what some people enjoy as you enjoy collecting schematics. (Another experience maybe, a lot of the hardcore traders I met in games are quite mature and friendly players, that give you very good deals, if approached personally and friendly.)

And it's surely more interesting than grinding dailies to make ingame money (which is not very meaningful in itself, what do you get for it...mostly luxury stuff, like legacy perks...)

Imho in the Old Republic it doesn't affect the market a whole lot, as you're limited to 50 items anyways which is not a big margin for controlling even a niche market, let alone schematics.

A very easy way to not support resellers is to sell on the trade channel by the way. Easy, but well, takes some extra effort.

I absolutely like the idea of organizing a "crafter's fair" to exchange schematics and RP a bit. If you need support for it, say hello ingame or contact us at our ingame channel (/cjoin Void).
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