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1: The 'lights' actually apply a debuff/buff that damages anything near it (including friendlies). If a DPS picks it up, it will just damage the raid, where as if the tank picks it up, it will damage the tentacle.

2: The new add you noticed will target a random member and begin a cast. The player will die if either the cast finishes or you get fully pulled to the add.

3: DrGordon did this because he gained a debuff that increased all of his damage taken by 200%. By jumping off the platform, it would clear the debuff.

4: Hypergate Anomalies HAVE to be killed. They have a short enrage which then causes them to chain lightning the raid every 1sec. If left up too long, the healing needed will be too high and result in deaths- which results in a wipe.
Thanks for the info much appreciated.
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