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TY my first MMO as well I don't know why, but i jut kept re-spawning at a very nearby med center behind your group that brought me there after the first failed push. So i figured i'd just ogg for a bit while we were waiting (ambitiously) for some more imps. Not as bad as Hoff but still some of you would do the balance a great service by making one or 2 sith side characters, if your 'Ard enough .
actually, we had a few of us join your ranks for a bit. *giggles*
and one of them went after me the whole time, too

(psh I didn't tell you that!)

but yes, you definitely gave us some excitement there and there and the others should have done likewise. we let a lot of lowbie imps through the bridge to your questing area down further south of it... had them actually joined they probably would have been able to make at least some difference (we've done that at the battle of the black hole before the merge; had a few lowbies in our ranks for numbers. lol)