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Gz on kills couple of questions about last boss:

1. In Phase 1, some little lights (looked like mini hypergates or something) appeared that your tank was consuming. In other vids I saw ranged dps consuming it. Just wondering what it does, what's its purpose?

2. Also in phase 1 there seemed to be some new add. I assume you just gotta burn it asap? (The lightning ball looking thing)

3. In Phase 2, the tank (DrGordon) seemed to jump off the platform (respawning at the top) after the other tank had taunted. Why was he doing this?

4. The Hypergate Anolomies, what do they do? Do they need to be killed asap or are tentacles priority?
1: The 'lights' actually apply a debuff/buff that damages anything near it (including friendlies). If a DPS picks it up, it will just damage the raid, where as if the tank picks it up, it will damage the tentacle.

2: The new add you noticed will target a random member and begin a cast. The player will die if either the cast finishes or you get fully pulled to the add.

3: DrGordon did this because he gained a debuff that increased all of his damage taken by 200%. By jumping off the platform, it would clear the debuff.

4: Hypergate Anomalies HAVE to be killed. They have a short enrage which then causes them to chain lightning the raid every 1sec. If left up too long, the healing needed will be too high and result in deaths- which results in a wipe.
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