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You know, with such high degree of offense in your post it's not even worth replying. Either read everything what was said on the issue in order to understand what's happening, or share your opinion and thoughts in a more friendly manner.
I agree that my post is offensive, but I was offended myself by the original post. If I'm in a warzone, it is frustrating to me for a person to quit either because we're losing OR because they've decided to go do their flashpoint. If I'm queued for a flashpoint, it's frustrating for me to have to wait for that person to finish their warzone before they join our queue for the flashpoint. Supposed they're in a tight huttball game and it goes the full 15 minutes? Why should I have to wait for you to complete ALL the content you want to complete before I can start the content I want to start? What makes your time better or more valuable than mine? Now if you have a problem with the mechanics of the system that's one thing, but to say you simply want to be able to do both and it's dumb that you can't is very insulting to me. If feel it trivializes my time, however limited or unlimited it might be. If you want to group for flashpoints, do that. If you want to group for warzones, do that. Don't make other people wait or suffer a man or two down just so that you can do both.

With that said, I should have been more constructive with my post and for that I apologize. Stating your opinion doesn't give me the right to insult you just because I disagree with that opinion. I should have handled that in a more adult manner.