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I want them to make a droid engineer or creature handler class. Droid engineer could quest for new and bigger and better droids or memory cores and weapons and armor for their creations.
Creature handler could be like a onderon beast master. Go around and collect eggs and breed and cross breed creatures to make new different creatures and experiments. See a big tie in with some crew skills for these also. Scav/slice and others for droid eng, bioanalysis and others for creature handler. Could be epic and if either could make droids or creature companions for other professions? Epic! Make my Jedi consular a baby rancor companion please!
I sort of like this idea. Would they be two AC's of a single class? Some of your idea sounds more like additions to existing crafting skills than a new character class.
But I can definately see a skill to override a droid for the DE. Not a cc ability, but to slice it's control circuits to attack nearby mobs for a short period.
And a similar talent for the CH.

The major issue I foresee is that the game is set up, from the ground up, for 4 base classes.
Each use one of 4 primary stats. If you create a new class, you will have to give it a stat. Either the same stat as an existing class, making it, in some ways, an extension of that. Or create a whole new stat, which will add an entire new series of issues within the game.

A simpler way would be to make some changes to companions, making it possible to recruit more.
Call them Mercenary Companions.