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While this MAY work for some....this is NOT the way I want to play. I want patches tested thouroghly, and bugs eliminated while they are on the PTR...not after the patch goes live. This issues was reported heavily on the PTR, yet it came through anyway...very, very, bad.
Where was it reported heavily?

There is a single, small, 3 page thread (was barely 1 page prior to launch) about shadows in which the very first comment after 1.4 went live was "Seems fixed on the live server. Thanks a lot Bioware for looking into that!!!". They clearly fixed the issue for some people between the test servers and live but not for everyone (probably several issues going around which are serving to confuse the issue).

I know I'm having no problems as long as I simply turn shadows down to LOW (sucks but at least its a simple workaround)... some people are reporting that stuttering may not just be a shadow problem but also a problem with some changes made to the UI (try turning off your UI and see if that changes anything... think it is ctrl+u... obviously not easy to play this way but at least you can report if it helps).