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I really don't see a problem with this change. In fact, I welcome it. Yes, there are "rage quitters" but what this does is cut down on the over all amount of folks who quit a WZ regardless of the reason (and may cut down on those who leave a pug FP .. 'specially when it's going badly .. to catch their WZ pop??).

As for the real reasons for the change?

I have no idea but from what folks have talked about, in regards to those who quit a WZ is that there is no way to penalize them (in a fair manner) since it could be an emergency, a connection issue, an honest to goodness rage quitter, a person who just got a pop for a FP, a person who decides not to play with the retarded one armed monkey people that have formed the remainder of his or her WZ group, etc..

However, I imagine one thing Bioware has in their possession is a metric or three that shows some of those leaving a WZ do so because a FP popped (and judging by a few of the folks in this thread, apparently it happened more than any of us thinks). That --- they can fix fairly easy since they are sure it's not because the player caught fire or it's dinner time, or what ever.

I do not see how folks who are against this change seem to think their time is any more special than someone else's time. I also do not see how any one can sit for 2 or 3 hours, doing nothing and then complain about how valuable their time is. That boggles my mind. I mean honestly, how can you sit there for two hours or so (heck, even 30 minutes) and wait for something to happen?

If you are waiting for a FP pop .. go farm some credits, go farm some mats, go farm some items, etc and so on... However, "you" sitting there doing nothing and complaining that "you" are sitting there doing nothing seems a bit childish and immature.

I mean honestly. Make a choice. Make a decision.

Do one or do the other.

But, regardless of which one "you" decide to do ... there are others things "you" can be doing while "you" wait for a pop.

And yes, one of those things is to come to the forums to complain about how valuable your time is while telling us you just sat for 2-3 hours doing absolutely nothing.
Let me get this right, your argument is that Bioware was right to implement the change, because my time isn't valuable ? Really ?... Time investment isn't valuable in a MMO ? I don't know whether to lol or to rofl on this one.

Stop being a troll and justifying poor decisions on the basis that our time isn't worth anything. That is a pathetic excuse, and quite frankly doesn't answer nor explains anything. Actually the only thing it shows it that you don't seem to understand that the only two things a consumer has to work with are his time, and his money.
Also if you have problems with waiting over 30minutes for anything, you must find getting through life pretty difficult. If that last statement escapes you, then you probably are a kid who has yet to experience the grind of life.

See, everyone can make uninformed guesses and call each other immature one way or another.

So back on subject, what do you honesly expect lvl50s to do when they log in ? The end-game content is repetitive enough that having to wait even longer for any of it is becoming somewhat frustrating.

And by the way, sitting for 2 hours doing nothing is what I have to do now yes. That is precisely my point. Before the patch, I was doing things. Now I can't. Do-you-understand-now?
I can only play for a few hours a day, and before that I could do wzs in the meantime working on my WH set. Now I just have to sit there, waiting for hopefully a group which might not come so yes, eventually I do have to log off. But that isnt a very fun thing to play now is it ?

And please enlighten me on all these wondrous things that I can do while waiting for FP to pop up.

-Crafting ? Check.
-Farming mats or credits ? That's what crew skills and dailies are there for, so check.
-Farming items/gear ? Are you serious ? You need to be be doing ops to get anything worthwhile at lvl50, if you dont even know this then pretty much anything you've said here has instantly become invalid.
-Solo questing ? I'm lvl50 so unless you somehow got the new expansion pack I don't really see myself having fun redoing boring H2's on Ilum. Also this applies to lowbies, they cant do heroics while waiting for the FP, being in a group of any kind cancels the queue. So this one is a check as well.
-Running mindlessly around the fleet and loling at general chat ? Check.

I'd also like to point out that all most of the things I "can do" while waiting involve single-player gameplay... when I'm playing an MMO. Interesting.

But none of this has anything to do with why this "fix" was put in place, it's got to do with people dropping out of FP queues because PVE is any MMO's top priority, and therefore has to be fixed. It's got nothing to do with people dropping out of wzs.
To be quite frank, they don't give a monkey's about pvpers. Anything goes as long as it doesn't affect the pve'ers since it represents the majority of players.
I actually wouldn't mind FPs queues if they actually were functional lol. At this moment in time, I got to wait for hours for a FP. If it was 15 or 30 minutes, then yes I'd have no problem with that. It's the two hours of doing nothing that is wrong about this system. If you are going the route of mutually exclusive queues, then make both of them effective. It really isn't that hard to understand.
So while that might upset some people, if they did allow cross servers instances, then we wouldn't have to wait so long for the content becoming available to play. But Bioware seems intent on keeping servers to themselves as a mean to build a stronger community.

And right now it's a community of bored players.