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I think the people flaming Cali Killed Nox in this thread need to take a step back and realize their anger is being directed at the wrong people. What exactly did they do wrong? They had characters on the PTS so they tested the content. Not only did they test the content but they streamed it, posted videos, posted feedback, posted strategies, etc. (Thank you to Cali Killed Nox and the other guilds/players who were on the PTS, tested the content and gave feedback to the community and Bioware.)

If you have a problem with the fact that Cali Killed Nox got a head start in TFB because they had characters on the PTS prior to 1.4 then you should direct your flames towards Bioware.

Oh, and if you have a problem with them being ranked before a guild that wasn't on the PTS you can take solace in the fact that:
1) ~90% of SWTOR players don't care about these guild rankings
2) ~10% know they're inaccurate for all the reasons listed in this thread and other threads so they don't care either

Perhaps now that Bioware has proven they can mass transfer characters, all future PTS iterations will have that option available and things will get tested better and the raiding community can all start on an equal footing in the future.
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