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"And when the game comes to a point where I feel like there is no enjoyment left, if I ever decide that the game is 'the most fail game experience' that I can have (or more likely, just feel that I am ready to move on from the game), then I certainly won't be hanging around the forums to complain and cry about it. "

After 7 years of WOW that is what it had become for me so I left. We haven't even been here a year yet! Anyone who is involved in this industry will tell coding is a PIN IN THE ***! One tweak has unknown consequences in something totally unrelated. Happens all the time. I just expect the game to evolve, that is all I ask.

YUP same once im done with a game I m done i dont hang around no reason to and i playd wow to for 7 years , came to sw becasue i loved it in beta and still do , if i say somethnig bad on the forums about it , it's because i care and SW could be the best but won't sadly .