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Dantooine, Alabaster Hill

"Present arms!" the voice filled the air, spreading out into the surrounding area.

The steady burst of blaster bolts into the air from the rifles of the Omega troopers came three seconds later; a salute to the fallen.

It was a small private ceremony, with Skradin's closest friends and family being the main attendees.

Isaac looked down at the graves in front of him. Beside him was Wash, albeit invisible to everyone but him and Mako. The three stood there, contemplating, even as people began to leave as the ceremony was over.

"Hey," a voice cut the silence. "You coming?"

Isaac turned around, seeing Torian with his hand on Mako's shoulder in a gesture of comfort.

Mako glanced at him for a moment before sighing.

"No... Not yet..."

"Beten... Take care." Torian nodded, and knelt down in front of the grave.

"Ret'urcye mhi, my friend..."

With that, he stood up and walked away. With the departure of the young Mandalorian warrior, there was no one left but Isaac, Wash, and Mako.

"First mom and dad," Isaac clenched his fist. "Then the old man, and now my brother."

Mako knelt down, brushing her hand against the engraving on Skradin's grave.

"I wish... I wish we could've had more time together..." tears streaked down her face.

Unbeknownst to Isaac and Mako, Wash was weeping as well, albeit soundlessly and the tears covered by his helmet and armor.

"He would've wanted you to move on." Isaac spoke, still looking straight ahead.

Mako glanced up at him, an angry expression on her face. She promptly stood up, faced the Omega leader, and slapped him hard in the face. Isaac flinched as the blow landed, though he felt no physical pain due to his helmet. Emotionally, he was a wreck, but he kept it hidden.

"What would you know!?" she screamed.

Isaac turned to her, rubbing where she had hit him, "If he hadn't had done what he did, it is likely we would've all died, and I'm sure he knew this. Don't let his sacrifice mean nothing."

Mako continued glaring at Isaac for a moment before slumping down, "You're right..."

"What do you plan to do?" Isaac asked.

"I... I don't know yet..." Mako admitted. "I'm going to need to think."

"You need any help, contact me."

"Thanks... I will... Goodbye, big guy."

The slicer touched Skradin's grave one last time before getting up and walking off.

"So... You did it." an elderly voice spoke moments later.

Isaac and Wash turned to see a face they had not seen for almost a decade.

"Yes... But not without sacrifices..." Isaac sighed.

"Indeed. But the three of you knew that it would not be so simple."

"It doesn't make it any easier," Isaac glared. "Losing Skradin-"

"Is difficult, I know. But you said it yourself; he wouldn't want you moping like this."

Isaac looked at him, looked at the grave, then looked back to him.


"We did it..." Wash spoke. "It's over."

"No..." Isaac looked up at the sky. "I think we're just getting started."

The End... For Now

OOC: Well, that's the end of the Alabasters. Won't be writing Rapter until Tuesday most likely. No ideas in my head now and I have to study for the SAT that's coming up.
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