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09.29.2012 , 08:00 PM | #30
yeah the pushes you had were fun, it just seemed like people gave up easily or where not interested to begin with. who knows why...

but from what I gathered on our side was basically this:

- people don't frequent the forums but some of them might still want to do opvp
- some people really only care about opvp having a 'point' (there were people asking if there's a quest or reward or things like that)

not saying we should have anything like that, I actually like doing opvp just for fame (I'm still giggling about the imp who tried to kill us while we took on the world boss because we were bored :P) but this is what I noticed

I'd probably be able to think of more, but it's 4 AM over here and I'm starting to notice

edit: I think cmelt fraps aswell so there should be some more video material rolling in soon