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Title: Quick Quinn Quotes
Main Characters: Malavai Quinn (companion) and Athra (Sith Warrior)
The everyday torment of Malavai Quinn by his wife Athra after the Quinncident. Mostly humorous.

Title: Ninety Seven Percent
Main Characters: Malavai Quinn (companion), Jaesa Wilsaam (companion), Syla (Sith Warrior)
Malavai Quinn suffers from PTSD after the Quinncident and embarks on a journey to become whole again.

Title: The Misadventures of Mischievous Malavai
Main Characters: Captain Malavai Quinn (companion), Jaesa Wilsaam (companion), Little Malavai
Setting: Ninety Seven Percent Universe

An alternate universe within the Ninety Seven Percent setting. Young Malavai is pulled from the Captain's head and becomes a real boy. Naturally, he makes the Captain's life as difficult as possible. Because it's funny.
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