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My PVP event idea is this:
People sign up as either Tank, Heals, and DPS(maybe even ranged and melee).
Everyone meet at Outlaws Den
We will have all the Tanks roll a number, then heals roll a number, then dps.
The group make up will be 1 tank, 2 heals, and 5 dps. So the highest rolling Tank, 2 highest Heals and the 5 highest dps will be Team 1, and we continue to make teams based on RNG rolls.
After all the Teams are formed we que for ranked.
After a few matches we can make new teams or keep going. If anyone doesnt get on a Team they will be reserves.
We have it at Outlaws Den so we can pvp as we wait for Que pops.
Only requirements would be level 50 and have at least Recruit gear on.
Would also hope that guilds involved would let teams use there vent, can always change the password after.
If you are worried about your ranking bring an alt.

I think something like this would build up the community and make us better pvpers as a hole. People will learn stats and maybe tips on how to play there class better and how to fight other classes.

Any suggestion are welcome.
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