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09.29.2012 , 04:22 PM | #135
Quote: Originally Posted by Basil_Evenstar View Post
I'm glad for the changes, BH comms were too easy to get before.
So what if they were easy to get before? Do you feel more elite now because people will have a harder time gearing a fresh character or alt up?

Or are you just looking forward that much to grinding out 700 BH comms for the new implants for the next few months? Because unless your in one of the few guilds that have cleared hm TFB right out of the gate, you are going to be grinding more to get those 700 comms.

If they they are removing SM EC & TFB from gear progression, then why even have them drop random black hole pieces, because it doesn't make that much sense to offer 1 type of gear upgrade, but not another.

Also why should you get 5 BH comms for running a HM flashpoint, when that is even farther below the gearing progression, since they are made for people running in basic level 50 gear, or gear with daily comm mods.