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09.29.2012 , 03:52 PM | #132
Do HM EV/KP. Easier Operations.
I agree.. waste of time to chase EC SM now and NiM is a complete waste w/o black hole comm's as well.

I'd rather drag Guild 50's thru EV and KP HM's for Rakata than waste time on EC for no gain to me. At least my repair bill will be less doing that approach. Heck I'd rather drag ONE at time thru LI HM for gear AND Black Hole comms for myself. I can at least get a daily 5 BH Comm's for that plus the weekly. (Stupid huh?)

Sorry Bioware, I think your lack of Progression planning is really going to make it hard to "TURN BACK TIME" and correct this mistake. Put the BH Comm's back please.
Reference Link: Why bother? Folks dropping sub's like flys lately.
WTB Legacy Bound Ear, Implants, Relics

Suggestions to Bioware: Release "REAL" Sub rewards list.