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Update: Smash is definately bugged out and it has to do with positioning and elevation. When on any elevated platform or structure Smash seems to be way more likely to fire off, report dmg, but not deduct dmamge from the target...If you are moving or do a jump smash the likelyhood seems higher that this will occur as well.

The nature of Force Scream has also changed..I have to be 100% square on my target or it will stutter and not fire until I completely square up...Previously it was not long as they were in your frontal cone Scream would initiate.

It almost seems like they tightened up the range in some way to the extent that abilities are being effected by server to client reporting or something...Its having a major impact on my gameplay...But it seems it is not affecting all on cable and have a maxed out signal,,,So im just not sure whats going on.
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