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09.29.2012 , 01:14 PM | #358
Aloha guys,
There is a simple rule about character transfer - if you transfer a char. whose name is already taken on destination server, you have to rename it. The GMs know that and what happened found many people disappointing, including me.. I asked about this rule in a ticket and the answer was out of my league - GM described me how to rename a character... Sorry but i find it insulting and I sympathise with my "enraged" mates.. I can understand the server problems but i dont like the "dumb and dumber" games.. By the way when I wanted to move my chars before, they said I play on destination server, so transfer isnt possible.. So how can one expect the population on some origin servers to increase? I am disappointed, my char name´s to change and legacy name too..I hope this did not happen cause of some trial players (no offense).