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09.29.2012 , 01:01 PM | #45
Heres our kill Video for Last boss everyone who wants to See strat or anything

Gleaders Voice is missing, most of the important calls, cause i normally talk in spanish with my brother outside and it sounds weird if record all sound sometimes it is confusing lol, but anyways Ask carlenx/invinc for any qstion

The fight was done with pretty much a mix of a Recruit we got last night // two from Group B // a New healer for A we got monday // 3 A members // and My alts Offspec (Hes BiS concealment, but i kick *** heals too >_> ) Enjoy, thats just the fight, better video for all fights prob coming out soon.

**UPDATE** : Heres the Twitch Video of the stream, it will not last long, but, BH dps Perspective // Raid Leaders can be heard