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The idea I've been bouncing for a while is for Imperial Guardsmen - Y'know, redcloaks, ******es with electrostaffs? Yeah, those guys.

They would have Blaster Rifles in mainhand and Techblades in the offhand, wear Medium or Heavy armor (Most likely) and be based around being, essentially, a slightly more powerful but less flexible Vanguard/Powertech class.

They can switch in-combat between Blaster stance and Melee stance, switching out the weapon type they hold in the main hand to either do light, but sustained long-range damage through a number of rapid-fire attacks and crowd control abilities (similar to the Sniper), or high close-range burst damage with their melee weapons using leaping attacks and arcing AoE strikes (similar to a Marauder or a Rage Juggernaut).

Advanced Classes would have them equip Sniper Rifles or Techstaffs to specialize in one type of combat, with Melee specialists being Tanks and Ranged specialists possibly being Healers (Similar to the Powertech/Mercenary dichotomy.)

I don't know what the Republic equivalent would be but someone mentioned the Senate Guard above, and there's always the Antarian Rangers, or perhaps some predecessor to them (as they are established later in the timeline). It's not a big stretch given that the current Imperial Guard is very strongly based on the Emperor's Red Guard, also established much, much later in the timeline.