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Meh, gratz to <CKN> and <Chosen> all drama aside for clearing it on 16m HM. In particular thanks to <CKN> for the entertaining streams and guides written up by Craxim (still waiting on the rest :P). I've been sharing the guides along with Dulfy's guides and my own comments/notes with my guild, as I was the only one on PTS out of us, and the guides are extremely well written and detailed, much better than anything I could write myself ^^

I just hope BW handles EC Nightmare PTS testing better by either doing it all internally (probably wont happen) or simply allowing everyone to have a PTS copy, so as to keep the progression race fun.
Yes, thank you very much friend. Enough with all the nonsense people. Big grats to Chosen for downing TfB. You are clearly a skilled group of players and I give you my props. This is Lamy BTW of CKN. Enough with all the hate. Hopefully in the future we can have a more friendly atmosphere between our guilds! :-) Good luck to everyone else still working on TfB!