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nice post tbh...

i mostly agree, though i dont think NM EV is hard enough to justify any BH comms reward per boss, but maybe as a reward for completion.
i can see why the comms were removed from the chests in EC SM and kinda agree that the SM is there (supposedly) to learn tactics for HM. farming BH comms from EC SM meant the only reason u really had to do EC HM was for mainhand and offhand gear.

on a side note, i think there should be a title gained in KP for operating the puzzle and successfully killing the fabricator. as it is, too many people queue up for KP SM who dont know how to use it and make it a hideous operation to pug.
having a title specifically for knowing the puzzle would give people an incentive to actually learn how to do it.
something along the lines of The Builder for SM and The Architect for HM/NM?

i saw a couple posts saying that EC SM rewards the same gear required to run it.
this is completely false. EC SM is completely doable with a full columi geared team as long as they are somewhat competent. TfB SM is doable with columi+ and should be easy in rakata+.
Thanks! I take your point about KP NiM not dropping BH comms on bosses, only on completion.. But there has to be some logic to the progression in this game and the way BH comms are awarded, and right now there is not.

I don't agree that you could "farm" them from EC SM. You could only do this OP once per week and it didn't drop so many BH comms that you could buy tons of gear. The only BH gear that dropped was from the final boss, and having run that OP weekly for a long time now it has only happened to our guild three times. Ever. So it wasn't really a great way to "farm" for anything. It was (and will continue to be) a good way to get Rakata gear and test new roles for people who are playing different builds or classes.

If left the way it is now, EC SM and NiM KP just became as useless to run as NiM EV (once you have the title). They should want to make the end game content award things that make you WANT to run it weekly, instead they are making it obsolete.