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You predicted that Jedi's Death?
You predicted Maul loosing a leg and Savage loosing a arm?
You predicted that the pirates would turn on Maul?
Did you predict Obi-wan facing Maul and Savage and winning?

I think you must be a psychic because I honestly did not even think about those things happening
To be fair, I predicted this too. Anyone who analyzed the trailers and videos they have been releasing could have predicted this.

For part 1: It became apparent after that chalk artist at Celebration VI put targeting reticules on about 9 or so characters, including Gallia, Ahsoka, and Rex with a caption saying "Who will survive?" or something to that effect. That alone made it predictable when combined with the fact we see the episode's duel in teasers for a while now.

For part 2: I have noticed Savage has had a new robot arm in almost every teaser video he has been in, which made it obvious. The same with Maul when his outfit changed and it appeared that he got his old legs back, implying his robot ones were destroyed/replaced.

For part 3: Yes since we have not seen any pirates in Maul's teasers and only seen Death Watch allying with him.

For part 4: This would be the iffy statement but considering part 2, it would be apparent at least both parties would be injured and retreating, if not the villains getting destroyed and be forced to run away.
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No, we need to rant on how this game is exactly like WoW and when we learn it's not like WoW we go into a blood rage. We must aim to be inconsistent, incoherent and contradictory.