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First I wanted to say thank you to Derkae for maintaining this thread. It's a lot of work with little recognition so again, thank you for your hard work.

I had everyone in the guild copy characters when they opened up the 1.3 patch on PTS. Lucky thing that we did, since we were not contacted initially to get copied for this most recent patch. So we had like 10-12 people logging on and were able to fill our last few spots with a couple pugs, one of which plays with Death and Taxes. All of these players are great people who went out of their way to log on every night and help us test the 16m HM version of the fights. Without those players, testing 16m would not have been possible by us, so thank you for making that possible.

When Denova was on PTS we knew that other guilds were working on the fights and getting much further than we were while keeping all of their findings and strats private till the time that they beat it and had their rank solidified. I wanted to take a different approach and have some of our raiders stream as much as possible with mumble so you, the community, could hear us bang out strats.

In my 9 years of raiding in MMOs I've never played with a group of people that spent so much time sharing all that we've learned with the community. Aoroc worked for hours putting together our experiences for the benefit of the raiding community. Thrills ended up breaking her computer streaming every night so that the community could see everything that we saw of the new content. Sangz, Lamy and too many other's to list put in tons of time writing up their thoughts on the fights, things that they wanted to see changed, and bugs that they were experiencing.

I have the privilege of playing with some really amazing, driven, tireless, and giving people. I know that there will always be a few naysayers in the bunch but I see way more positive feedback than negative. The SWTOR community is a great one. So in closing: thank you to everyone in the community for all of your support. I wish you all the best of luck on all the new encounters in Terror from Beyond.

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