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09.29.2012 , 10:00 AM | #16
Well, until Konstance comes up with the solution to this balance problem, I say we could have two ranked warzone days: Thursday and Friday. Friday, for now at least, will be "A team" day, day for top geared players and guilds to challenge each other.

Thursday will be "ranked comms day", win or lose we will be there doing some ranked. Hopefully some imperials will show up.

I was online most of the night yesterday, and didn't see ranked warzone going. I think for now Thursday is more active anyway in this matter - weekends have pros and cons, some working people can play on fridays, but then again some working people use their friday nights to do something in the real world =). But for now we could follow this (I'm not against changing or anything, as long as everyone agrees and the games pop, I'm fine).