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09.29.2012 , 09:51 AM | #40
We did this in 8-man HM last night and it caught us off guard. But once we figured out what we had to do, it wasn't a big deal. Put a tank and a healer on each of the outside ones, swapping interrupts. All DPS on the middle one doing the same while they kill it. When it went down, burn the outside ones one at a time.

It turns what was a previously trivial part of the fight into something that you have to put a little work into, but it isn't that bad. We only wiped on that part once, the first time when we didn't know about it. After that, we were able to clear it.

It seems like a pain in the *** at first, but it is no big deal. You don't even have to get every interrupt. We were missing like every 4th one on the tank/healer side, bc the healers' would be on CD. Also, we had 2 dps mercs in the group, and they haven't quite mastered their new interrupt yet.

Our group composition sucked in terms of interrupts too. 2 powertech tanks, 2 op heaers, 2 merc dps, and 2 snipers. But some people are acting like you have to be other-worldly to complete this fight now, and it just isn't the case. We had 2 people in there who had never cleared the HM on any toon, and at least 2 others who had never cleared it on the toons they were running last night, including my powertech tank who exists mostly for huttball, and I am not good with this toon at all in PVE.

It all comes down to fundamentals. If you could clear it before, you can still clear it. You just can't ignore a mechanic that you could before.