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09.29.2012 , 09:13 AM | #10
I disliked the episode.
1. I'm still upset about Maul returning. He has been resurrected too many times. He needs to stay dead.
2. Savage Oppress is overpowered. Yes, he has been imbued with Mother Talzin's magic, but he hasn't even had a year of training and he's killing Jedi Masters who have trained their entire lives. I understand sometimes raw power is great, but that is just ridiculous.

4. And last, it was kind of poor writing. There were two things I was pleased to see. First was the reappearance of the pirates. I love Jedi and the Force and could read about them all day long, but too often we get wrapped up in that world and don't pay enough attention to the non-Force users in the galaxy. Second was the injury of Maul and Savage. It showed they were a little more vulnerable than previous thought and not just invincible powerhouses.

Just my two cents here.
May the Force be with us...