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Terror From Beyond
Kill Time: 07:18:31 GMT // 03:18:31
good job guys! I like how your SS actually shows the codex entry and earning the achievement. I thought it was odd that CKN wouldn't include that in their boss kill. Maybe they had Martin Smith kill it for them:P
I think its safe to say that a majority of the people on the forums and definitely on Prophecy of the Five consider Chosen as the world first/server first kill of TFB. And chosen did it in less wipes and about half the time of a guild that had 50+ hours of PTR w/ dev help under their belt. I also believe they were in HM TFB for a solid 9 hours straight today before posting that. Really surprised it took them that long. Also it took CKN what 14 wipes on kephess to get him down barely after they had already tested him on PTR?