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What is the rational about nixing being able to play in WZs while waiting for an FP to pop?

How about doing something positive when you do something like this and let me queue for FPs on multiple characters then so that odds of getting an FP to pop inside three hours vastly improve.
Bioware didn't give any reason why they did this.

Some players say that it would stop people from quitting in the middle of a WZ, but quite frankly that is nonsense: people quit in the middle of the WZ when they saw that the other team has waaaay better gear then them and they know they will loose it for certain.

It's just one of those things on the list of changes they refuse to explain.

To make matters even worse, they even didn't say anything about this change until players started noticing it. Nothing. Not a word. They didn't ask players if they wanted it. They didn't say it was comming. they didn't put it in their patch notes.

It wasn't one of the 'better communication'' items, that's for sure.
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