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Grats guys!
Out of curiosity, how much time did you guys spend raiding this?
hard to tell tbh, considering our Group A was never complete for raiding, we had to use alot of other group members that hindered the progress timing (not bcaues they are worst, since we killed with them, just that most havnt even seen sm, and spending 2 hours of wipes on a boss, then bringing 2-4 new ppl, adds another hour of wipes lol) , first night was like 3-4 hours, secound same, TFB last day raid officially was like 3-4 hours too, we were on first attempt on hm tfb right when mjc killed kephess(think u are from mjc since u used it as example in post) ... i would say 3 days of 3-4 official raiding hours... we had two groups, at 2/5 then had to mix for 3rd boss, spent like extra 2 hours of wipe with new ppl on 3rd boss.. killed it, then kephess got a pug (end up being a recruit) took us like hour and a half... then some of my guildies pugged hm TFB last fight (not official, just random 5 ppl on with 3 pugs) spent some time on the day wiping on first boss, to give a heads up on mechanics, as u can see from 3-5 we have alot of different ppl each kill lol :S... but i dont count that as official raid... our official raid started today 9.45 edt end 1: 53edt

and thanks and great forums thread