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09.29.2012 , 01:33 AM | #53
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I have to agree. We've put in so much work over the last 2 days on live that it's a real kick in the teeth.

Doesn't it feel cheap to you guys? Classing yourself racing against guilds that haven't stepped foot in TFB until it goes live. Where's the class or honor in that?

Enjoy your hollow victory. I hope you dedicate it to Martin Smith!

Credit where credit is due right CKN?
agree with u, but anyways, atleast apparently u only had to compete against CKN -.-... for 8 M theres a french pts guild cleared it all at 09/26 so meeh... have like 5-7 EU guilds (prob most of them pts) hm full 8man clear between 26-28... so atleast have less competition here... but i agree CKN had ahead advantage that make it unfair, after all they prob cleared it in longer time considering their atleast 40+ pts hours atleast, + what it took in live, so yeah, nothing special to be proud... and same with other pts guilds with whole guild transfered, even if not Hand picked like CKN, they had same advantage of 40+ hours ahead, once again, not fair