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Mandalore waited for a moment. He then said worriedly.Meanken. I am sorry but we must stop this. When I put your arm through the knife. I cut one of your arteries. You are losing blood rapidly. We need to get you medical attention, if you want to survive with out any adverse effects.

Do you agree with his choice?
Mean stumbled a bit from the blood loss "bastard. you think.....a little blood loss is going to stop me? never surrender...never retreat.....unless you want to be called weak for the rest of your life. that is what I was taught in the white maw....and you expect me to just drop it all......just give up and accapt the execution you people cirtenly have planed for me as punishment for this little attack.....BECAUSE OF A LITTLE BLOOD LOSS!? I HAVE SURVIVED FAR WORSE THEN THIS!"

"Mean.....he has had a hard is not my place to judge his actions."