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I understand where bioware is coming from by expecting SM to be where everyone can experience the content and HM where you go to gear up and progress skill-wise. But what I do not understand is why the new implants cost so much, the gear is so poorly itemized, and bioware has even stated that they wanted to keep the gear itemized so that it is not all BiS right away because they wanted the best players to grind to make it BiS. They say this but then make the grind even harder. If you want us to grind for BiS that is fine, but allow us to actually grind for it. The appeal of this game is all the class quests so the leveling in encouraged, that means players want to get multiple classes to 50 and raid on them or to be able to use one class in multiple specs. This means we need a LOT of ways to itemize BiS. If you answer is by making it even more challenging then something needs to be done with the gear so that it is more feasible.
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