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Just to clarify, I won't get ASB's ranked team together for this unless asked, but it would be nice to eventually get some games again.
2 Words. Bring it.

I'm tired of this. Either you bring your A game or don't bother showing up. I unfortunately didn't follow by this standard during the ranked nights I setup basically bringing out who was available rather than waiting for an optimal group composition/best players essentially giving many players/guilds the impression that exiles pvp has faded. Rest assured I will not make that mistake twice and will put a real team together.

Secondly, why schedule a "official" ranked night in the middle of the week. On a night where a few guilds schedule raids including Exiles? Why not make it Friday or Saturday where more players will be available due to the weekend. Many of us are working adults and cannot set time out of the weekday to play ranked for hours upon hours.

To my knowledge Friday was BC's official ranked night.

Scyn's Friday ranked warzone nights have been dead for quite some time (as far as I can tell, unless they're being kept secret.) Melyn's attempts to reinvigorate those, even trying different days, only worked for a little while
Lastly, my friday night ranked nights died off because of failed promises. It basically became a ranked night of whoever is on Exiles vs. ASB with a few source teams here and there and the rare sighting of a Grim team.

Like I said in the other thread. If you want to setup a ranked night, let me know and i'll make it happen. I want a true commitment this time as well and not another false promise =/.

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