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It makes NO SENSE to remove BH comms from NiM KP. So let me get this straight, if I PUG it through the group finder, I can get BH comms for running SM KP, but not NiM KP with a group of my own choosing? How does that make any sense?

Want real progression?
EV/KP SMs available in the group finder for Columi gear rewards and Daily Comms.
(Keep HM FPs as they are, and reward putting up with PUGs with a few BH comms at the end, as currently happens).

HM KP & EV and NiMs should have lockouts separated, all available in the group finder for the BH Comms that SM rewards right now. Both drop Rakata gear and additionally, in NiM, all bosses drop a couple BH comms.

Then you can run SM EC and SM TfB if you want to learn the fights and mechanics with a quick run (since you would be "over geared" in Rakata, this should mean you can clear either OP in an hour or less). This is valuable also to learn these OPs in a different role, or with a different mix of roles (which makes it worth having around for more than just one run in some cases). Also, everybody gets to see the end-game content even if they aren't in a hard core raiding guild.

Once you have the mechanics down, then you run HM EC and TfB for BH gear, which should drop more frequently, and campaign gear/dread guard gear definitely should since everyone in the raid is competing for that one single token. I won't even start on a discussion of having to purchase multiple pieces of BH gear in order to have decent mods for your class and how long that takes. And yes, I understand that it is my choice to not over-stack Alacrity, but I think that's been just about everybody's choice given how frequently I hear people talking about pulling mods out of BH to maximize the stats on their gear.

Anyway, to be able to run SM in group finder for BH comms but not HM or NiM is silly. I also agree that this isn't really "farming" since you can only do this once a week for a whopping total of 10 BH comms if you run both... but whatever.
nice post tbh...

i mostly agree, though i dont think NM EV is hard enough to justify any BH comms reward per boss, but maybe as a reward for completion.
i can see why the comms were removed from the chests in EC SM and kinda agree that the SM is there (supposedly) to learn tactics for HM. farming BH comms from EC SM meant the only reason u really had to do EC HM was for mainhand and offhand gear.

on a side note, i think there should be a title gained in KP for operating the puzzle and successfully killing the fabricator. as it is, too many people queue up for KP SM who dont know how to use it and make it a hideous operation to pug.
having a title specifically for knowing the puzzle would give people an incentive to actually learn how to do it.
something along the lines of The Builder for SM and The Architect for HM/NM?

i saw a couple posts saying that EC SM rewards the same gear required to run it.
this is completely false. EC SM is completely doable with a full columi geared team as long as they are somewhat competent. TfB SM is doable with columi+ and should be easy in rakata+.
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