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09.28.2012 , 08:09 PM | #30
This is so incredibly annoying. I have both a Scoundrel healer and a Gunslinger. They didn't mention anything about changed sounds for Smugglers in the patch notes. They changed Charged Burst, Quick Shot, the Smuggler buff, Emergency Medpac, the icon for Scrambling Field (the only one they did mention in the patch notes), the animation for Scrambling Field to remove the top of the dome which makes no sense but does make it easier to see inside the dome and they changed the look of the additional fly-in cover on Hunker Down, which is now invisible unless you're 2 feet away.

WHY OH WHY???? Was there some mass level of complaint from Smugglers that led you to impose these unwanted changes on us? The animation changes are annoying but the sound changes are egregious. Sound is like tactile feedback, we rely on them! We like them and want them so why bloody well change them???? You already have enough problems keeping customers with slow and buggy content releases so you go and make things worse for yourself by wasting time with small things like sound changes that noone wants?? Goddamit guys, pull your collective heads in!