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09.28.2012 , 06:25 PM | #31
its fine yeah a bit defensive myself there, i just hate ppl making comments against threads, even if u commented, or comparing to other games, when we alredy know how this game works, i do agree with most part of the WoW thing,
and yeah i read the post, atleast watch the list, dont rly pay attention whos posting what other than Guilds lol so yeah kinda missed that.

Otther than that, i keep saying ppl must show pics of kills with the time on it /date (prob posted same date, or it never happened unless they have webpage update) cus its simple, without WoWs Server first ingame, u have to be very specific to have a proof on a kill.. And once again, to make <history> as u say, ppl must know the facts, if u dont have Facts/proof no one believe u, if they didnt take a pic of kill no one will know untill they kill Last boss and call it out in chat, like u said, rly hard to know wich was rly a server first in this game.