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I asked Ahmad Zabarah (a Senior Designer) to share some more details about this change. The reason we removed the Commendations from Story Mode is that it is our goal to separate Story Mode Operations from Operation progression going forwards. In the previous setup, Story Mode was the best way to farm Black Hole Commendations, which wasn't our intent for the different difficultly modes. Going forward, Hard Mode and Nightmare mode will be the source of progression in Operations. We did, however, add Black Hole Commendations to the weekly Explosive Conflict mission, so you can also obtain the Commendations that way.
basically TL;DR we nerfed SM EC's BH coms by 20, but gave you 8 or so for doing the weekly, grats.

and no the best way to farm black hole coms would to do everything you can in one week to get black hole coms.
7 random GF dungeons, 2 "random" operations, the Black Hole dailys at least once per week, and the rakghoul weekly, and Nightmare KP, and last but not least, doing SM/HM EC and the weekly associated with it which equaled to the ballpark of around 120 coms per week. Now that NIM Kp and SM ec don't drop them, and the chests in EC HM don't drop them, that is a significant nerf, I liked being able to gear up my alts and such, guess I'm boned now.

On top of that how do you define "progression" because I think it varies from guild to guild to developer, not everyone is currently working on the HM of the new operation. Many people will still feel that the natural order of progression would be to gear up at least columi - then to rakata- then ..... You know what, I don't care, you guys messed up by having a billion "tiers" of gear right off the bat. Regardless of your " intentions " people wont mess around with SM EC any more, unless they still working on their natural gear progression to get into TFB HM, I didnt mind doing it before to get alts some quick cheap gear, but I don't see myself going back in there ever again, so grats on that.