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I am looking for a guild that will use the "Credit Run" or "Gold Run" or "GDKP" loot system.

I have years of MMO experience, and I have found that "Credit Run" loot system to be the most fair. so that is what I care about the most in a guild.

I have three level 50s. My main is a healing SI, and I also have a tanking BH and a dps IA. I am a hard-core crafter, and between my alts I have over a thousand purple schematics. While all three of my toons are Empire, I am willing to re-roll, to Republic, just so I can be in a guild that uses the "Credit Run" loot system.

I work nights, but have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Those would be my best days to run operations.

My last two SWTOR guilds used the "Credit Run" loot system, and we were able to pay for multiple guild bank tabs, thanks to that loot system. Sadly with all the transfers both guilds have unsubscribed. Between the time were my two guilds unsubscribed and the latest server merger, I was the only level 50 on my server. I did a lot of dailies, since there was no one else to play with, and now I am looking to putting those credits into progressing my character.

For those who are unfamiliar with this loot system, you can read about it here:
Looking to play or be refered to this game? Use this link.