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09.28.2012 , 05:24 PM | #19
I have actually had a lot of issues with Huttball since the patch.
- I had a huttball game end and everything froze like it normally does but never put the scoreboard up and we couldn't leave. All of us in ops chat said we were experiencing the same thing. There was a pub on the other team running around killing us so I just logged out and back into the planet I was on before the match started....thank god
- I joined a huttball game late and when I got around midfield I started running in place like I hit a wall. I turned around and started running and after a good second or two the same thing. I looked at my connection assuming I was lagging but everything was smooth and my ping was good. Also I was seeing everyone else running around and playing normally. After looking at my connection, I tried running again without any success so I just quit out.
- I am having issues with force charge. It seems randomly sometimes when I force charge someone, they will disappear for around three seconds. One particular instance was a vanguard and they don't have a blink or anything and the others have animations. On another occasion one of them looked to me like they fell through the floor.
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