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Thanks for putting this together; I hope it gets seen.

A bit of BG: I have played a Shii-Cho Marauder since launch, on an Alienware M17x laptop (Win7), with top tier internets from Time Warner.

Here are my bugs:
@Voidstar (@Border of 1st room & Transition hallway into 2nd room) Smash fails to damage targets at the door, specifically the area within ~4 meters from the door threshold while standing on the 1st room and ~4 meters from the door threshold while standing on the transition to 2nd room. Have had this happen many times when the enemy team plants the bomb, it goes off and the enemy team proceeds to make their way through the door (that little skirmish there, you all know what I mean); I have smashed a group of enemies (more than 3-4) and have had smash hit only 1-2 of them or NONE at all.

@Voidstar (@Border onto 1st bridge, close by 1st switch) Same issue as above. Smash will not hit all the targets it should OR hit NONE at all.

Also seen @DoorThreshold / border of 2nd room into transition hallway to 3rd room.

I should also point out that these are NOT 1.4 bugs, as I have been seeing this happen for quite a while. The most common, from my experience is the one at the border of 1st room & hallway into 2nd.

Seems to me the engine has a hard time processing things correctly (with respect to enemy positioning; in range? / not in range) when ON - OR near seams / border lines from 1 area into the other.

Kindly look into these AND FIX IT!!!

-Seeng from WoS now@Bastion