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09.28.2012 , 04:39 PM | #83
I dont understand this change from BW.

I also don't understand either from where all the trolls in this thread keep getting their information ?

How do you know for sure you get declined for WZs precisely ? Have you all got some kind of metrics, or a poll that I don't have ? Because when I get a decline all it tells me is that "somebody declined and that I've been put to the top of the queue with my group"...
But this probably flies way over your heads. So to put it more simply let me use an example : today I queued for 2 hours on the fleet for my flashpoint...and when it finally popped up, somebody declined it ! Oh joy...truly the new system definitely rewards its players.

And stop using absurd argument like "zomg he quitz gr0p f1nd3r c0z of pvp, nerf pvp wzs ques lulz", because in the end, all there is is left is general chat to remind you that you are still playing an mmo, and that is a pretty small consolation prize.

I'm sorry but I don't see the "problem fixed", in fact I don't even think there really was a problem in the first place. All it's done is inflict even more boredom onto the servers.
I know it's biased but to me, it's as if Bioware turned around and said to me : "Bored of wzs ? Well f*** you consumer ! No PVE breaks for you !!! Now there is no way you can escape the boredom that I am going to inflict upon you mwhahahahahaha!".

Also the idea that quitters hurt WZs is ridiculous. Quitters either way carry the team and get sick of it....or they are noobs that can't handle a few loses, either way your team wasn't really up to scratch and nothing in the world was going to magically make you win this match. With OR without quitters. No offence meant.

Also the bug is question is pretty frequent, that's pretty much the only time I ever decline joining a group for FP. The other time, well, I forgot that I was in group finder and by the time I finally got a group I already hit my desired level for the day hence I didn't bother with it.

It makes leveling my alts boring. It makes my main gear grinding even more boring. I love my server and chatting on general chat...but seriously ? There are plenty of other services that offer chats. And at the moment, I'm pretty much chatting all the time. Not really worth 15bucks in my honest opinion.

Now do not misinterpret this as a QQ post that leads to the inevitable "zomg imma gonna unsub , gone to GW2 lulz byez guix" statement. I love this game. I'm a dweeb, I love star wars and I love messing about with stats and customisation. I have 5 lvl50s and to be fair, I've invested enough into this game to be able to ride through enough tough patches (no pun intended, well kinda), but as a consumer wh's experienced a fair amount of what the game has to offer I now feel more restricted and bored and i know I'm not the only one who feels like that on my server.

I do hope bioware's "holier than thou" metrics will eventually show them that people are STILL declining flashpoints despite their wonderful, foolproof fix. Maybe build on the idea that declining a place in a FP excludes you from queuing up again for 90minutes ? That in my mind would seem more fair than actively punishing players who want to keep boredom at bay.

Players cannot form groups, they cannot do dailies, they cannot kill world bosses, they cannot do pvp...they must wait for a group that may never come within their playtime bracket. Absolutely retarded fix.

Actually players on my serve have started to revert back to the old general chat LFG spam technique. Congratulations Bioware, your players have opted for completely ignoring your social group finder, must make the devs who designed it feel good about themselves...