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09.28.2012 , 04:26 PM | #98
Thank you for posting, Allison.

As long as the end game gear is distinct and unique from other gear, I'd say it's okay. Just please make the raid/pvp earned gear good looking. I know Bioware has heard loud and clear the community was not happy with the Campaign/Blk Hole gear for some classes, especially Consular.

More options is a good thing. As long as the cartel cash gear is not the same or not better than the end game gear, fine. I know it's subjective but please put some effort into gear that subscribers play for. We already are paying you. Don't waste too much time on cash stuff in the hopes that some f2p'er buys it. Don't make the end game gear ugly and the cash shop gear so good that players have to buy it to not look homeless. I feel like a homeless character from Prince of Persia in my Consular Campaign gear.

The color change from ketchup and mustard for the Consular Dread Gear shows you're listening. That's all we're asking. Listen to your subs, we want the game to succeed but sometimes are dismayed by the decisions we see being made.