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09.28.2012 , 04:03 PM | #10
This is, at least theoretically, a good idea, since Scyn's Friday ranked warzone nights have been dead for quite some time (as far as I can tell, unless they're being kept secret.) Melyn's attempts to reinvigorate those, even trying different days, only worked for a little while. My fear is that if anyone from Ascension, Exiles, Grim Determination, or Source organises even a semi-optimal team, they will die again. At the same time, it will be hard to convince anyone from a higher-rated team to join a pug, as they will take much larger rating hits than anyone else in the event that they lose, and some of them are working toward things like the black-purple expertise crystal (I know Desi would love one) or the mount (in my case, since I'm a compulsive collector, although I don't see that ever happening.) Plus, half the fun of it for me is being with a team I can count on and joke around with. As far as I know, none of it is for the sake of rating itself.

I'd happily wear recruit gear in ranked matches if it would make for more competitive ranked warzones. Ranked is where I go for intense competition and close matches rather than a comm-stomp patrol. The past few games I've won have been hard-fought. On the other hand, I go to normal warzones for fun, and when every match has a premade, it becomes tiresome very quickly (unless you beat them with a pug, in which case it's great.) People stop queuing, and only end up going in with a premade, which just makes the problem worse (guilty as charged on this one.)

Konstance, if you have an idea, it would be great to hear it, because the state of ranked on Begeren is pretty awful right now for me.

As for any top PvP guilds, I'd ask that you not bring your A-team to these nights until we can come to some sort of consensus about what to do. In the meantime, I hope all of you who do participate have fun matches and get yourself some ranked practice with comms on the side.

Have fun!